K-12 Mindfulness Quick Start

In this video, you'll discover a few best practices and tips and tricks to make the most of Reboot in your school.

Rock your day! 

Science Behind Reboot & Mindfulness

If you're wondering how or why to bring mindful moments into your classroom or school, or if you want information to share with colleagues or administrators, our mindfulness FAQs are the best place to start.

Subscription Details


  • One full year of recorded mindful moments (~3 minutes long)

  • Ongoing support


  • Customized mindful moments for special school days like spirit weeks, state wide testing, special events, etc

  • Professional Development

    • 30 minute virtual training for teachers and staff

    • Half day or full day in person training for teachers and staff

      These easy to execute sessions provide the science and fundamentals of mindfulness to help get your team on the same path, together.