what is mindfulness




Mindfulness is a brain exercise where the person focuses on a single object—your breath, sounds around you, or even chewing your food. This act of “being present” and focus can recalibrate the brain.

Reboot's mindfulness products use scientifically backed, secularized techniques learned from meditation that are tested using biofeedback. Our tools are built specifically for mainstream administration of mindfulness training.  

Research Shows a changing mind

Research continues to uncover the benefits of mindfulness training and continually show physical changes to the brain for those that regularly practice mindfulness.

Research using FMRI scans show that the amygdala, the “flight or flight” command center of the brain in charge of our bodies response to stress, shrinks. At the same time, the pre-fontal cortex which is in charge of awareness, concentration and decision-making, becomes thicker.

And increases the ability to manage stress


Mindfulness improves overall health by lowering blood pressure, improving attention and focus, increasing immunity, and decreasing stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness also benefits cognition by helping to improve information processing, decision making, problem solving, the ability to ignore distractions, and emotional intelligence.

HOW it's used



Mindfulness is being used by by schools, businesses, professional sports teams, and the military to deal with stress and increase performance.

22% of companies in the US offer some form of mindfulness or meditation training at work, according to a study by the National Business Group on Health and Fidelity Investments. Another 21% plan to offer it in 2017.

creating community





Mindfulness creates a strong sense of community. Here are how some Reboot schools use it and the results that they see.

  • One elementary school that plays Reboot right after morning announcements experienced a 50% decrease in violent behavior when the program launched school-wide.
  • Las Vegas schools are using Reboot to deal with the emotional stress as the community heals from the largest mass shooting in US history.
  • A teen correctional facility is using Reboot as a way to start the day on the right foot, facility-wide.

about reboot







Reboot was founded in 2015 in Boulder, Colorado beginning with research into how to simplify mindfulness training to make it affordable and attainable.

Programs and products are created with pools of test subjects—athletes, kids, families, businesses, and schools—measuring results and adapting products using biofeedback and quantitative performance metrics.

Founders and advisors include:

  • Patti Schrader—founding partner, mindfulness training instructor and developer
  • Robb Shurr—founding partner, mindful expert and entrepreneur
  • Lonnie Howell—musician and music coordinator
  • Geoff Ochsner—psychologist and biofeedback expert

K-12 Package includes:

  • 1 school year worth of daily mindful guided meditation (schools play 3-5 minute guides each morning within your school’s morning announcements or in classrooms)
  • Teacher and staff training included to maximize benefits
  • Follow up support
  • Optional: onsite professional development, in classroom training and classrooms mindfulness tools.
  • $199 per homeroom classroom per year (support classrooms not included in cost but will receive guides).

Reboot Home Package includes:

  • 365 days of guided mindfulness
  • First 7 days free
  • Delivered to your inbox each week