Why I Started Reboot

When my daughter (who's now off to college) was heading into 3rd grade and my son into 4th, I was deep into school myself, working towards my Marriage and Family Therapy degree with a new baby in tow and grieving from my dad's passing. It was an intense time. On one particularly rough morning, I vividly remember yelling my kids to school. 

We were late, in a rush, and they were forgetting things left and right as I tried to get us out the door. In the frustration of having to remind them about homework folders and soccer cleats, I hollered at them the entire 10 minute drive to school. They must have felt so small by the time we arrived. I had made sure that no one was going to have a good day. I drove home crying; something had to change.

Stress had always affected me and my health. But rarely did it affect my relationships. On the surface, friends and family would describe me as easy-going or laid back, but on the inside I was in constant fight or flight mode, and I didn't have the tools to deal with any of it.

That day I reached  my boiling point, but I also reached a turning point. 

I drove back to school, signed in at the office with tears streaming down my face, and knocked on each of my kids’ classroom doors. I pulled them out of class to tell them how sorry I was. I told them that I didn't want their day to be spent thinking about how they could’ve done better, or being sad that they’d upset me, or being worried about consequences. I wanted them to know that the morning had been MY fault, that I was sorry I hurt their feelings and made them feel small, and that I loved them both dearly. It would never happen again.

And it didn’t. During a Positive Psychology and a Health Psychology course I was taking shortly after that, I learned about meditation and was amazed by the studies I read. I was so totally blown away by its efficacy in pretty much every area of life that I began practicing on my own. In time, I shared evenings practicing along with the kids. They, of course, giggled and squirmed at first, but they got the hang of it and they liked how it calmed their minds. We even  convinced my husband to practice with us too.

My curiosity about meditation continued to grow. 

It grew so big that it turned into this idea that all the humans I know need these same mindfulness tools that my family and I were learning. So I started Reboot, a mindfulness company to give kids the tools that they need to rock their day, every day. Kids have the ability to change the world, after all. 

Reboot gives them the tools to deal with their crazy moms :). It gives them tools to ease test anxiety or to calm their racing minds. And maybe most importantly, tools that help them connect with their peers and create real-world communities wherever they are.

I launched Reboot because I learned that while we can't control the people around us, we have a say in how we show up in this world.

Our home still isn't quiet and usually borders on the chaotic. We have 3 kids who usually have tag-a-longs, two dogs and two tired, working parents. But the noise isn’t yelling and the chaos is just the normal hustle and bustle of life. I love it. Heck, I don’t know what life would be like without it.  

Learning mindfulness helps me pause during all of the small, seemingly insignificant moments – when the laundry is piled high and I’m up to my elbows in dirty dishes – and I can see my life, really see it. 

And it’s beautiful. 


Discussing Mindfulness in Schools

Recently I was interviewed about Reboot's mindfulness program for schools and the impact it's having specifically on students. What began as a research study has bloomed into a schoolwide collective approach to mindfulness. Why? Because after researching many mindfulness curriculums, what struck me most is that after professional development, some teachers embraced the programs while others tossed it aside. Teachers can pick and choose what they'd like to incorporate. I get it. Mindfulness can be uncomfortable at first, not everyone is open to it, and teachers have enough to do. But it leaves many classrooms without the benefits of a mindfulness program. Reboot is designed to reach every kid and every staff member. It takes the pressure off of the teachers and fits seamlessly into the school day. 




30 days FREE and Ferron Elementary, Clark County, NV

Ferron Elementary School in Clark County, NV is the latest school to join the Reboot community. Ferron started the Reboot program shortly after the tragic Las Vegas shootings in October to provide students with a mindful tool as the community processes the events.

The school administrator responsible for bringing Reboot to Ferron says that "the kids are really getting into mindfulness and the teachers love the reset of the day."

All of our pilot schools have seen such great results that now it's time to spread the word. Please send this to friends, parents, and educators who could help bring mindfulness to your school.

We're offering a free 30 day trial of Reboot for your classroom or your entire school. No strings. If you love it as much as the other Reboot schools, you'll be billed a discounted $99 per classroom (regular price is $199 per classroom) to have Reboot in your school for the rest of the 2017/2018 school year.

Enter "30DaysPlease" on the signup form and we'll get you going.

Great read.....

Interesting article from the New York Times about children and mindfulness. It really stresses the idea that a mindful child really begins with a mindful parent. The same is true for teaching mindfulness in schools. You can't begin to expect children to engage in a mindfulness program without their teacher being on board. They are the leaders and set the tone for their classroom. You can't expect to have a class full of mindful learners without having a mindful teacher leading the way. Just the same, an anxious or stressed teacher sets up an anxious stressed out class. Leading by example is the best way to teach anything. 



Reboot: In light of recent tragedies.

There's no way to make sense of what's happening around our world and in our country. As I attempt to comprehend recent tragedies feelings of fear, anger, and sadness flood me making it difficult to put my thoughts into words. But I need to. Children including my own look to me for answers. Mindfulness had allowed me to become more contemplative, reflective and has taught me to carefully chose my words as I look into the eyes of kids who need and deserve to feel safe, loved, and protected. It's times like these that Reboot's mission becomes more clear to me. Making mindfulness accessible and affordable while providing a school wide mindfulness program to improve and unify a school community is one of our goals. As we broaden and build Reboot, we won't compromise that. Now more than ever we all need to Reboot and become more mindful to help ourselves and our children, our future become more empathetic, socially conscious and emotionally intelligent human beings. 

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”



― Fred Rogers

What I Learn from In School Trainings......

It’s been a busy month here so far at Reboot! As the school year began, we hit the ground running with mindfulness training in Nederland Elementary School in the Boulder Valley school District here in beautiful Nederland, Colorado. Each classroom was revisited this month to retrain all students on the basics of mindfulness throughout the day including morning mindfulness together. The enthusiasm of the kids ALWAYS knocks me off my feet and I leave so excited to really delve deeper not only into my own mindfulness practice but also to continue to broaden and build curriculum for schools and beyond.

What really surprised me this time around was the enthusiasm from the staff. Throughout the summer, I would see staff around our small mountain town and they would ask, “Are you going to do mindfulness guides this school year?” but this month, I was able to witness the connection teachers and staff were making to their own practice and the benefits they were experiencing first hand really validating the importance of the idea that when a school begins their morning together with a mindfulness practice, there is a trickle down effect. The benefits it provides the staff trickles back down to the kids over and over again throughout their day. I love the idea that while my child benefits from beginning her morning clearer, focused and calm, her teacher also begins her day that same way and that provides a learning environment both benefit from all day long. It’s systemic. 

Morning mindfulness at the same time each day provides a sort of muscle memory that helps a school drop into mindfulness much easier with maximum benefits and creates an community of empathetic, positive, attentive learners and teachers. I couldn’t be more proud to provide this for my community and couldn’t be more proud of my community for embracing Reboot. “Let’s rock today NES”!

Increase Your Resiliency and Chill Out

The latest study out of Georgetown University funded by the National Institute of Health and published in Psychiatry Research in February 2017 finds that mindfulness is highly beneficial in people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

The study looked at 89 people with anxiety disorders that affect their daily lives. Half of the group took an eight week mindfulness based stress reduction class. In most studies in the past, the control group did nothing resulting in the likelihood of a placebo effect knowing full well that they were the control group. However in this case, the other half took a course in stress reduction based on education in healthy sleep, dietary, and overall wellness habits.

Biomarkers were tested before and after the study and both groups were put on the spot and asked to give a public speech afterwards testing the biomarkers in the blood for stress based hormone levels. The group who took the mindfulness class had much lower levels of the stress hormone while the wellness class group had much higher levels of the stress hormone.

There you have it. Mindfulness increases resiliency to stress and anxiety. 


Healthy and Happy Brains

We believe that our culture's approach to brain health is overmedicated and under-understood. Reboot's role in the world is to make it easy for everyone to feel the benefits of a healthy mind.

Reboot is based on the science of mindfulness but has been created to fit into your busy life. Meditation is a big part of what we do and how we create our products but our approach isn't your crazy uncle from Boulder's style of meditation.

We've created tools based on years of practicing meditation and mindfulness, and cognitive and behavioral science. Reboot's tools have been created to quickly optimize your mind and body to perform at their best.