Increase Your Resiliency and Chill Out

The latest study out of Georgetown University funded by the National Institute of Health and published in Psychiatry Research in February 2017 finds that mindfulness is highly beneficial in people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

The study looked at 89 people with anxiety disorders that affect their daily lives. Half of the group took an eight week mindfulness based stress reduction class. In most studies in the past, the control group did nothing resulting in the likelihood of a placebo effect knowing full well that they were the control group. However in this case, the other half took a course in stress reduction based on education in healthy sleep, dietary, and overall wellness habits.

Biomarkers were tested before and after the study and both groups were put on the spot and asked to give a public speech afterwards testing the biomarkers in the blood for stress based hormone levels. The group who took the mindfulness class had much lower levels of the stress hormone while the wellness class group had much higher levels of the stress hormone.

There you have it. Mindfulness increases resiliency to stress and anxiety.