What I Learn from In School Trainings......

It’s been a busy month here so far at Reboot! As the school year began, we hit the ground running with mindfulness training in Nederland Elementary School in the Boulder Valley school District here in beautiful Nederland, Colorado. Each classroom was revisited this month to retrain all students on the basics of mindfulness throughout the day including morning mindfulness together. The enthusiasm of the kids ALWAYS knocks me off my feet and I leave so excited to really delve deeper not only into my own mindfulness practice but also to continue to broaden and build curriculum for schools and beyond.

What really surprised me this time around was the enthusiasm from the staff. Throughout the summer, I would see staff around our small mountain town and they would ask, “Are you going to do mindfulness guides this school year?” but this month, I was able to witness the connection teachers and staff were making to their own practice and the benefits they were experiencing first hand really validating the importance of the idea that when a school begins their morning together with a mindfulness practice, there is a trickle down effect. The benefits it provides the staff trickles back down to the kids over and over again throughout their day. I love the idea that while my child benefits from beginning her morning clearer, focused and calm, her teacher also begins her day that same way and that provides a learning environment both benefit from all day long. It’s systemic. 

Morning mindfulness at the same time each day provides a sort of muscle memory that helps a school drop into mindfulness much easier with maximum benefits and creates an community of empathetic, positive, attentive learners and teachers. I couldn’t be more proud to provide this for my community and couldn’t be more proud of my community for embracing Reboot. “Let’s rock today NES”!