About Reboot

We believe that our culture's approach to brain health is overmedicated and under-understood. Reboot's role in the world is to make it easy for everyone to feel the benefits of a healthy mind.

Reboot is based on the science of mindfulness but has been created to fit into your busy life. Meditation is a big part of what we do and how we create our products, but our approach isn't your crazy-uncle-from-Boulder's-style of meditation.

We've created tools based on years of practicing meditation and mindfulness, and cognitive and behavioral science. Reboot's tools have been created to quickly optimize your mind and body to perform at their best. 

Meditation and Mindfulness Products



In today's plugged in world, kids need to have the space to literally breathe. Our K-12 guided mindfulness curriculum provides daily three minute audio sessions for the classroom. Start the day out on the right foot and stay there.




Reboot's BrainMusic is the first of its kind. We dissected how music affects the brain using biofeedback testing and produced music that takes you to where you want to be, brainwave-wise. It's as easy as popping in your earbuds and pressing play. In fact, that's exactly what it is. And unlike other mindful music out there, Reboot Brainmusic will earn a spot in your favorite playlist.  


Performance beats


Pro sports teams and elite athletes alike have tapped into the power of mindfulness for peak performance. Our Performance Beats are an easy addition to pre-performance rituals to get your mind and body in the right space to perform at your personal best.