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Some days it feels like you'll never find calm. There's kids to shuttle, food to get/cook/serve, everyone in the family needs something, and everyone in the family needs something from, specifically, you.

A mindful home starts with a breath. And while not everyday is going to be perfect, or even close, mindfulness helps us find the blue sky through the clouds. It helps us find the calm in chaos. It helps us see our family as the loving humans they are.

With Reboot for Home, we serve up your family a daily guided meditation appropriate for all ages. Plug the kids into it while you cook dinner, pause together as a family first thing in the morning, huddle with the kiddos before bedtime.

Each day's mindful moment is 3-5 minutes; just enough to calm the chaos while creating a lifelong habit of mindfulness.

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Science Behind Reboot & Mindfulness

If you're wondering how or why to bring mindfulness into your home, our mindfulness FAQs are the best place to start.