K-12 Mindfulness Special Offer

Schools across the country are requiring social emotional curriculum, and foundational to emotional learning is mindfulness.

Jumpstart your day, school wide or in individual classrooms, with daily recorded, three minute mindful moments delivered to your inbox every morning. These guided mini-meditations offer just enough breathing and reflection to get kids off to good start without being too hard for wiggly kids to tackle.

Special Offer K-12 Mindfulness

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Offer Expires 9/1/18
Daily guided Reboot mindfulness curriculum
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Science Behind Reboot & Mindfulness

If you're wondering how or why to bring mindful moments into your classroom or school, or if you want information to share with colleagues or administrators, our mindfulness FAQs are the best place to start.

Subscription Details

Add on: Mindful Teacher Leaders Training

We encourage you to go the extra step in your success with on location professional development training to turn your teachers into experts in mindfulness. These easy to execute sessions provide the science and fundamentals of mindfulness to help get your team on the same path, together.

Yearly Subscription

  • 170 days yearly of recorded mindful moments (~3 minutes long) delivered daily to your inbox

  • Customize up to 8 for mindful moments for special school days to customize your social emotional curriculum or special events at your school.

  • 30 minute webinar training session for teachers and staff

  • Ongoing support

  • Regular Price—$199 per year/per classroom (scholarships are available)